Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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-Minangkabau roof is originated from Indonesia.
-It was built by Malaysian who lives in Padang Highland of Sumatra.
-This roof symbolize strength since it is originated from a legendary story about a buffalo fight that happen in Majapahit kingdom.
-The dramatic shape of the roof is taken from buffalo horn and it is one of the important element in Gadang house (Rumah Gadang).

Rumah Gadang

Candi Borobudur

-sketch above is one of the small Stupa that makes Borobudur.
-Borobudur is a stupa that was made from many of small stupa that contain a statue in it.
-it stand on 6-storey square platform and 3-storey circular platform.
-every storey of the platform has numbers of small stupa.

File:Borobudur 2008.JPG

-above is the view of Borobudur from the second storey of the circular platform.

File:Borobudur Mandala.svg

-above is the plan layout for Borobudur.
-it is obvious that the plan layout is inspired by the motif of mandala.